Performance on Collective2

Performance on Collective2
Performance on Collective2

Friday, December 5, 2014

market comment November 2014

"With a small gain of 1.10% SP Alpha ended November.
How exciting was the October - November was so boring.
The S & P 500 climbed the whole month in small steps without any
Our early November initiated  long-term trade component #1 can benefit from it. Component # 2 could earlier this month realize a nice profit and could the  Losses of October catch up completely. The whole system moves
so again near its all-time highs.
We expect the remaining weeks of 2014, no major Fluctuations, experience has shown that the Christmas season is the Stock markets usually quite bullish.

Monday, October 6, 2014

market comment September 2014

With a small profit of 0.10% SP Alpha ended this September. After the S&P mid-September once again a new all-time high reached, (the system component # 3 traded this with a small benefit) the market began slowly to erode.
System component # 3 bought as a result of these again four new positions. These position was at the end of this Report although in a loss, but they are currently recovered and is just before its closing. For the coming autumn and winter months we expect a little
more clarity for the next longer-term movements and be quite sure of it with our Strategy investment style.

Friday, September 12, 2014

market comment August 2014

With a small profit of 0,80% SP Alpha finished August.
In history, the late summer months are a difficult time period  with large price declines. SP Alpha systems trading restrained in this time. In early August the trades from July were closed and since then no new opened. No later than October we expect then a little movement in the Portfolio.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

market comment July 2014

With a loss of 3.60% SP Alpha had in July after five months
recorded profits again a loss.
The steady upward trend of the S & P500 was a sensitive damper
due to the intensification of political risks in Iraq and in particular
in the Ukraine.
Responsible for the loss were subsystem # 2 and subsystem # 3.
However, both were early August in a recovery with significantly
reduced loss left the market. The S & P500 is now more
far away from our "Short Mode", the German DAX has it sind 8/8/14 already

Monday, July 7, 2014


...subsystem#2 shall closed probably with a nice gain. SP Alpha ist now at All Time high!

market comment June 2014

With a small profit of 0,90% SP Alpha was in June in the 5th month in a row with positive end result.
The steady upward trend of the S & P500 continued in the past month. Interrupted by two minor setbacks, the first used subsystem # 3 for a small profit, the market closed again at All Time High.
At the end of the month Subsystem # 2 also made a small contribution to the monthly gain.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

closing Position

today at market open we close our three scaled-in positions from subsystem#3